Sharecold’s supply chain organization provides our customers with global procurement and contracts services that are unsurpassed in the industry.

Sharecold 的供应链组织为我们的客户提供业内无与伦比的全球采购和合同服务。

We support large, complex projects in remote locations of the world using our extensive network of suppliers. We have the right processes, automation tools, market data, volume, and skilled professionals to meet our commitment to our customers: the responsible purchase and safe delivery of quality goods and services, from reliable and diverse suppliers and subcontractors, where they are needed, on time, and at the lowest total cost of ownership.



Furthermore, we provide complete end-to-end supply chain management services.



What we do?我们做什么

  • Contracts management (formation and administration)
  • Expediting
  • Global market watch
  • Import-export and regulatory compliance
  • Inventory and warehouse management
  • Materials management
  • Property management
  • Purchasing
  • Supplier diversity
  • Supplier quality and shop inspections
  • Traffic and logistics
  • Travel management


  • 合同管理(组建和管理)
  • 催交
  • 全球市场观察
  • 进出口和法规遵从
  • 库存和仓库管理
  • 物资管理
  • 物业管理
  • 购买
  • 供应商多样性
  • 供应商质量和商店检查
  • 交通和物流
  • 旅行管理


What you get 您将会得到什么

  • A resource pool of mobile professionals—experts in their fields—located in major economic and industrial centers of the world.
  • State-of-the-art automation tools, such as a Web-based supplier portal for identifying low-cost, reliable suppliers.
  • Proven work processes—supported by operational excellence programs, subject matter experts, and six sigma methodologies—that allow us to obtain a full range of goods and services, which are customized to meet customer and project requirements.
  • Innovative supply chain solutions to complex execution, such as industry-leading RFID deployment at large sites.
  • Significant spending volume with an advanced market-watch program that can be leveraged to obtain value for our customers by identifying global opportunities and mitigating currency and price risks.
  • Long-term, senior-level relationships with key manufacturing and contractor organizations to promote collaboration and innovation to reduce costs.
  • Knowledge of local laws, markets, customs, and procurement practices that enables sourcing from locations around the world in compliance with all laws and regulations.


  • 移动专业人士的资源库 – 各自领域的专家 – 位于世界主要经济和工业中心。
  • 最先进的自动化工具,如基于Web的供应商门户,用于识别低成本,可靠的供应商。
  • 经过验证的工作流程(由卓越运营计划,主题专家和六西格玛方法论支持)使我们能够获得满足客户和项目要求的全套商品和服务。
  • 创新的复杂执行供应链解决方案,如在大型站点的行业领先的RFID部署。
  • 通过先进的市场观察计划大量支出,通过识别全球机遇和降低货币和价格风险,可以为客户获取价值。
  • 与主要制造商和承包商组织建立长期的高层关系,促进协作和创新,以降低成本。
  • 了解当地的法律,市场,海关和采购实践,可以从世界各地采购遵守所有法律法规。