Poultry, Meat and Seafood?家禽、肉类和海鲜

Modern production processes as well as reliable food transportation and storage systems mean that most people today are in the fortunate position of being able to choose from a wide range of poultry, meat and seafood. From farm to fork or sea to plate, we are the right partner for your production and packaging. Furthermore, by ensuring the right temperature within the complete cold chain we guarantee the constant quality of your goods.



Temperature control?温度控制

Temperature control at the beginning of the process is particularly important. Sharecold’s cooling and freezing plants satisfy the highest hygiene standards and facilitate a functional cold chain. This investment in cooling management does ultimately pay for itself, both for the company and for the environment. Whether your requirements are cooling and storage fresh meat, or cooling and freezing for further food processing, Sharecold offers specialized know-how and expertise. Our engineers will design a refrigeration technology for every kind of meat and poultry

这个过程一开始的温度控制特别重要。Sharecold 的冷却和冷冻设备可满足最高卫生标准并有利于发挥冷链的功能。在冷却管理方面的这种投资终将获得回报,回报公司,也回报环境。无论您的要求是冷却和存储新鲜的肉类,还是冷却和冷冻食品以便做进一步的处理,Sharecold 都能提供专业化的技术方法和专业知识。我们的工程师将针对各种肉类和家禽设计制冷技术