Food processing companies bear great responsibility to the consumer. For this reason, especially strict hygienic regulations apply in this sector. Apart from hygienic airlocks, disinfection, and specialized clothing, a suitable air treatment system ensures clean and safe surroundings.


Always the right temperature?始终提供正确的温度

The cooling and air-conditioning of rooms is becoming more and more important. What is already taken for granted in cars, open-plan offices and banks – having pleasant temperatures even on the hottest days – is now becoming increasingly desired in production buildings as well.


Especially when working with raw meat and fish, it is important to guarantee the freshness and stability of these products.



Low microbe concentration – from dressing to sealing?低微生物浓度 – 从调味到密封

Handling animal-based foods requires special caution with respect to spoilage and pathogens. For this reason, strict hygiene standards in slaughterhouses and meat processing plants play a decisive role. For example, Sharecold offers a system which avoids airborne contamination of the slaughtered carcass. The climatecontrolled plant monitors the temperature and moisture as well as the dust loads. It simultaneously creates a comfortable environment, without drafts, for the workers. An example of this kind of system is one we installed in a poultry operation production line for cutting and packaging chicken thighs.

处理基于动物的食品需要特别注意腐败变质和病原体方面的问题。因此,严格的卫生标准在屠宰场和肉类加工厂中起着决定性的作用。例如,Sharecold 提供一种系统,能避免屠宰后的生肉发生经空气传播的污染。环境控制设备可监视温度、湿度和灰尘的量。它同时还能为工作人员创造没有气流的舒适环境。例如,我们在用于切割和包装鸡大腿的家禽操作生产线上安装了一个这样的系统。


The air conditioning plant is installed in the ceiling and consists of several mixing boxes which filter the entire air stream. Air distribution takes place in the cavity between the ceiling and the points of distribution. According to the principle of low turbulence (laminar flow), the air flows from top to bottom in the cutting and packaging area. This reduces particle concentration in the air and on the sensitive products. The air is input again, in turbulent flow, near the floor and ceiling, and is subsequently filtered in the circulating air unit. It is then re-introduced into the room. This recirculated air operation considerably contributes to energy-saving.



Cleanroom quality, thanks to laminar flow, ensures ISO class 4 in the immediate proximity of the products, and class 7 in the entire room. In addition, overpressure prevails in the room, in order to prevent the intrusion of non-filtered air into the production area. The system also provides for control of the dew-point temperature, to avoid condensation on the product surface.

清洁室内,在层流的作用下,紧邻产品的空气清洁质量可达到 ISO 4 类标准,整个房间的空气清洁质量可达到 7 类标准。此外,房间内还存在过压,以防止未经过滤的空气进入生产区域。系统还提供用于控制结露点的温度,以避免产品表面结露。