The key to a successful project often depends on what happens in its earliest phase. Before any work commences, there is an idea, a vision. For decades we have taken many ideas and created plans of action to make the projects real.

成功项目的关键往往取决于最初阶段发生的情况。 在开始任何工作之前,有一个想法,一个愿景。 几十年来,我们采取了许多想法,并制定了行动计划,使项目变得真实。


Throughout the project planning and development phase, we apply our engineering, procurement, and construction experience to deliver?smart, sustainable infrastructures. Every project—no matter its size, complexity, or location—benefits from our expertise and experience. We know what it takes to get the job done?and done well.

在整个项目规划和开发阶段,我们运用我们的工程、采购和施工经验,建造智能、可持续的基础设施。每个项目 – 无论其规模,复杂程度还是位置 – 都受益于我们的专业知识和经验。 我们知道如何才能把工作做好,而且很好。