Effective refrigeration technologies are critical to many industrial sectors. Sharecold is a recognized global leader in the development of sustainable and efficient industrial refrigeration plants, systems, compressor packages and heat pumps. We develop refrigeration technologies that we can demonstrate are the safest, most reliable and energy efficient in the world, but that keep our customers’ total cost of ownership as low as possible. Whether the requirement is for a new greenfield project, a major extension or for upgrades and component replacements, Sharecold works with each customer to tailor environmentally sound, sustainable and highly efficient refrigeration solutions to meet every requirement. From design, to engineering and commissioning, our experts consider even the smallest details.

高效的制冷技术对于许多行业都非常重要。 在开发可持续、高效的工业制冷设备、系统和压缩机组方面,Sharecold 是公认的全国领导者。 我们可向您展示,我们开发的制冷技术是全国所公认的最安全、最可靠、最节能的技术,同时还能尽量降低客户的总持有成本。 无论是新建项目、大型扩建项目还是升级或更换部件,Sharecold 都能与客户紧密合作,度身定制以满足各项要求,同时环保、可持续发展且高效的制冷解决方案。 从设计,工程到试运行,我们的专家深入考虑到了每一个小细节。


Refrigeration excellence? 制冷效果出众

Sharecold strives to innovate. Refrigeration accounts for a major percentage of the overall energy requirements of any industrial process. Ongoing R&D, both in house at Sharecold and in collaboration with our industrial partners, aims to continue to improve energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Sharecold 致力于创新。 在任何工业过程中,制冷都占据了总能源要求的绝大部分。 Sharecold 内部以及与工业合作伙伴持续进行的研发工作旨在不断提高能效和促进环保。

Sharecold compressors and refrigeration components are manufactured at our own factories, and our refrigeration systems are serviced and maintained by Sharecold experts. We offer a range of tailored service and maintenance and our specialists are available 24/7, anywhere in the world.

Sharecold 的所有制冷设备和系统均满足国际标准中针对降低温室气体排放量的要求。Sharecold 冷风机及其制冷部件由我们的工厂制造生产,制冷系统也由 Sharecold 专家维修和保养。 我们提供一系列量身定制的维修和保养服务,我们的专家可随时随地为您服务。

Our solutions help our customers to improve their processes, for their continued success.