A safe, sustainable cold chain requires carefully controlled, low-temperature ranges each step of the way — for both processing and post-processing environments. Sharecold’s sophisticated, compressor-based process cooling systems are designed to meet these precise condition requirements. This results in thermal-optimal food production environments, ideal product storage and distribution areas, minimization of perishables and extended product shelf life.

一个安全、可持续的冷链要求过程中的每一步均有精心控制的低温环境——加工环境和加工后环境均为如此。Sharecold 基于压缩机的先进过程冷却系统设计满足这些精确条件的要求。这样将造就温度最优的食品生产环境、理想的产品储存和分配区,最大程度减少腐烂并延长产品保质期。


Meeting process-critical requirements?满足关键工艺的要求

Sharecold’s long and successful history of innovation and leadership in the design and production of world-class industrial refrigeration solutions — which includes compressors; compressor packages and complete, turnkey facilities — provides customers with confidence that their cooling systems can be relied upon to deliver peak performance over the long haul.

Sharecold 拥有悠久且成功的创新历史,是设计和生产一流工业制冷解决方案的领先企业,这些解决方案中包括了冷风机、机组和完整的全线服务,让客户对自己的冷却系统充满信心,依靠它们能够长期提供最佳性能。


Industry Leadership?行业领导力

Sharecold is one of the largest suppliers of process technology for the food industry and a wide range of other industries. Our goal is to be the customer’s preferred partner in the industries we serve. As the world’s population increases, so does the demand for safe, quality food products produced by efficient, sustainable technologies. Sharecold stands ready to help our customers meet these challenges and serve as a long-term strategic partner.

Sharecold 是食品行业以及许多其他行业最大的过程技术供应商之一。我们的目标就是在我们所服务的行业成为客户的首选合作伙伴。随着世界人口的增加,对使用高效、可持续技术生产的安全、高品质食品产品的需求也随之增加。Sharecold 已准备好帮助我们的客户迎接这些挑战,成为他们长期的战略合作伙伴。


Real-world applications?实际应用

From privately owned, single-site operations to the largest and most respected food-producing companies in the world, Sharecold provides customized solutions designed to deliver long-term value. Here are just a few examples of Sharecold’s applied expertise:

  • Distribution and storage facility cooling for an international grocer expanding to a new continent;
  • Energy-saving refrigeration system control technology for a thriving, family-owned regional bakery;
  • Turnkey process cooling facility for a leading producer of a wide range of dairy-based products;
  • Sustainable heat pump system for a diversified, multi-national consumer and pet food producer.

从单地域的私营企业到世界上最大且最受尊重的食品生产公司,Sharecold 均能够提供旨在实现长期价值的定制解决方案。下面列出了 Sharecold 的一些实用专业技术应用:

  • 一家扩张了新区域的国际食品商的分销和储存冷藏;
  • 一家蒸蒸日上的区域家族面包店的节能制冷系统控制技术;
  • 一家生产各种各样乳制品的领先生产商的全套过程冷却设施;
  • 一家多元化的跨国消费品和宠物食品生产商的可持续热泵系统。


Global presence, local solutions?我们系统的核心

Industry-leading food processors worldwide choose Sharecold solutions. After understanding your unique challenges and requirements, Sharecold draws from its worldwide resources to provide you with the optimal, customized solution to maximize results.

冷风机是制冷系统的心脏。Sharecold 在冷风机和系统的设计和制造上拥有悠久的技术和创新历史,能够为我们的客户提供运营所需的信心。