Fruit and vegetables are tasty and healthy – but they are a delicate matter. And for this reason you should not leave to chance the careful temperature control and gentle product handling in the chilling or freezing processing lines of these sensitive foodstuffs. Sharecold makes sure that your foods will stay at the very top of the consumer’s shopping list, and that they will leave behind no bitter taste. After all: energy efficiency and environmentally friendly refrigerants enjoy absolute top priority with us. It is especially deep-frozen food that makes it easy as pie to eat healthily and with great variety – without great specialist knowledge, sophisticated nutritional plans, or calendars of the season. Whether it’s crunchy green peas in summer or radiantly red raspberries in winter: the consumer is awaited during every season by a tempting diversity of fruit and vegetables that keep their freshness, color, flavor, shape, and vitamin content. In addition, frozen foods make it easier for the growing number of us with allergies and food intolerances to adjust our diet to personal needs. Nutrition scientists can heartily recommend frozen foods. Countless studies have for many years proven that properly frozen vegetables are not only equivalent to their fresh counterparts with respect to vitamin content: it has indeed been evidenced that frozen vegetables in any case are superior to those foods that have been stored for days in refrigerators or that have been in transit for long periods. Deep-frozen foods also represent hygienically flawless products for the consumer, since microorganisms such as bacteria need above-zero temperatures to grow and proliferate.

水果和蔬菜美味健康——但它们非常脆弱。在这个季节,切勿忽视在这些敏感食材的冷却或冷冻生产线上仔细控制温度,并轻柔地处理产品。Sharecold 可确保您的食品成为消费者的购物首选,并且食品风味正常。总之,能效和环保制冷剂一定是我们的头等大事。特别是,速冻食品像馅饼一样方便健康,种类繁多,无需高深的专业知识、高级营养计划或季节日历即可享用美食。无论是夏天的脆豌豆,还是冬天绚丽的树莓,消费者每个季节都在等候各种各样诱人的水果和蔬菜,它们娇艳欲滴、味道鲜美、形状可人且富含维生素。另外,冷冻食品更方便越来越多的食物过敏和不耐症人群根据个人需求调整饮食。营养学家可以尽情推荐冷冻食品。多年来,许多研究都证明正确冷冻的蔬菜不仅在维生素含量方面与新鲜蔬菜相当,而且还确实有证据表明在任何情况下,冷冻蔬菜都优于冰箱中储存多日或长期在途运输的食品。对于消费者,速冻食品也意味着卫生方面毫无瑕疵,因为细菌等微生物只有在零度以上温度下才能生长繁殖。


Individually quick frozen for freshness, form, and taste?单体快速冷冻以保持鲜美的味道和诱人的外形

Most of us modern people of course lack the time and energy for contemplative strolling through local farmers’ markets, with intensive snooping and assessment of goods on display. As a rule, we rush through the supermarket to get home on time. No wonder that convenience foods such as deep-frozen products are gaining in popularity. Consumers especially like to reach for frozen vegetables: their deep-freeze storage at home is full of peas, beans, cauliflower, and the like. Deep-frozen vegetables do not need tedious cleaning or cutting. But, beyond convenience, these frozen products offer top quality and great vitamin content. In addition, it couldn’t be easier to stock up for the coming days and weeks. Frozen goods can also be particularly easily portioned, for small or large appetites. This likewise makes it simple to sensibly manage valuable foods and to prevent wastage. To ensure that the customer can enjoy precisely these benefits, this means that vegetables should lie loose as “bulk goods” in their packages and not stick together.



Crusting before freezing for delicate fruit?柔软的水果需先表面硬化再冷冻

Purchasing of fresh fruit can demand a lot from even experienced shoppers. A lovely, glowing skin often conceals flavorless and watery aroma. Sometimes overripe fruit falls victim to fruit flies. Next time we shop, we feel wiser and pick out unripe and hard fruit and let them ripen at home. But then we find that storage conditions at home promote the immediate development from underripe to rotten produce. Discouraged by such experience, more and more customers are helping themselves to the deep freeze at supermarkets – and are not disappointed. Advanced quick-freezing makes this possible. Manufacturers wash, cut, and pit sweet fruits and freeze them in the perfect stage of “eating ripeness”. Refrigeration halts metabolism, the fruit does not ripen, and the customer can enjoy the preserved, delicious taste without trouble and tedium. In the design of freezer systems at Sharecold, pleasing the palate is of course not the only concern: the customer can depend on the preservation of “inner values” such as vitamins. With the very popular berries, for example, it is primarily the antioxidative effects that protect human tissue shells from damage – effects not impaired by industrial freezing. Freezing of course takes place under careful observance of relevant standards of food and beverage hygiene.

对于经验丰富的购物者,购买新鲜水果要求可能非常高。好看、光滑的外皮通常会掩盖无味和乏味的内里。有时,过熟的水果会招致果蝇。下次购物时,我们就会更明智地挑选不熟和硬的水果,让它们在家中成熟。但这样,我们发现家中的储藏条件会加快从不够成熟发展到产品腐烂的中间过程。受这类体验打击,越来越多的客户会在超市自助选择速冻产品,这样则不会失望。先进的快速冷冻技术让这一切梦想成真。制造商清洗、削切香甜的水果并去核,然后将它们在“适合食用”的完美成熟阶段冷冻起来。冷藏可中止新陈代谢,水果不会再熟化,客户即可毫无烦忧地享受保存的美味食品。Sharecold 在设计系统时,味觉享受当然绝不是唯一的顾虑,客户可以依赖此设备保留维生素等“内部价值”。例如,对于非常受欢迎的浆果,主要是其抗氧化效果来防止人体组织外皮受损,而工业冷冻不会损害这些效果。当然,冷冻会遵守相关的食品和饮料卫生标准进行。


As with peas and other vegetables, IQF quality is paramount with fruits as well. It is essentially this emphasis that ensures that the products enter the market as first-class bulk items, and that the consumer can take individual quantities, and even individual berries. Quick crusting before freezing is highly effective for fruits. Very delicate produce such as raspberries are frozen in two steps. Raspberries are crusted in a unique impingement freezer, followed by freezing finish. The quick-crusting step process takes place at high velocity, with top and bottom air jets for high heat transfer and no product movement on the belt conveyor. Only very small ice crystals are produced inside the product. When the fruit thaws, the cell structure remains extensively undamaged, so that even fruits with delicate structure and high water content retain their form and consistency. In addition, this solution – recently developed by Sharecold – offers significant energy savings in comparison to conventional cryogenic systems. It effectively preserves the color, flavor, shape, and nutritive value of these tender fruits. The crusting and freezing process is applicable to most produce in the berry family.

同豌豆及其他蔬菜一样,对于水果,IQF 质量也是最重要的。这种从本质上重视质量的生产设备可以确保产品像一等品质的散装物品一样进入市场,并且客户可分量购买,甚至分个购买浆果。先快速表面硬化结壳再冷冻对于水果非常有效。树莓等非常脆弱的产品要分两步冷冻。先在独特的冲击式速冻机中让树莓表面硬化形成保护壳,然后再冷冻成品。这种快速结壳的工艺在高速下进行,上下喷射高速空气以传送大量热量并防止传送带上的产品移动。产品内仅会生成极小的冰晶。在水果融化后,细胞结构保持广泛完好,这样即使结构脆弱、水含量高的水果也能保持其外形和密度。此外,相比传统的低温系统,Sharecold 最近开发的这种解决方案还提供显著的节能功效。可以有效地保留这些柔软水果的色泽、香味、形状和营养价值。结壳和冷冻工艺适用于浆果系列的大多数产品。