Frozen food: Food Processing for Premium Quality


Manufacturers and distributors of convenience foods require efficient refrigeration and freezing technologies for storage and transport of products. Investment in effective refrigeration management systems is a minimum requirement both for manufacturers and the distribution chain. Sharecold engineers can design an efficient, cost effective and environmentally sustainable refrigeration or freezing solution for every type of food.

方便食品的生产商和经销商需要有效的制冷和冷冻技术来储存和运输产品。有效制冷管理系统的投资是生产商和销售链的最低要求。Sharecold 工程师可以针对每种类型的食品设计高效率、具有成本效益并且环境可持续发展的制冷或冷冻解决方案。


From chillers and?carton freezers, to ice machines, food packaging equipment, valves and control systems, Sharecold has a wide range of technologies to help preserve convenience foods.

从制冷机和箱式速冻机到制冰机、食品包装设备、阀门和控制系统,Sharecold 具有各种不同的技术来帮助您保存方便食品。


Sharecold chillers are suitable for just about any area of industrial refrigeration, and are available as piston compressor and screw compressor units. Our ice machines include ice compactors and insulated ice bins, both of which are ideal for seafood preservation and industrial food processing.

Sharecold 制冷机适用于几乎任何领域的工业制冷,提供活塞式压缩机组和螺杆式压缩机组。我们的制冰机包含冰捣碎器和隔热冰桶,两者均是海鲜保存和工业化食品加工的理想之选。