Specialists in refrigerating ‘white gold’?“白色黄金”的制冷专家

Dairy processing is rising rapidly around the globe to meet the increasing appetite for milk and milk products from an ever-growing population. Sharecold’s years of experience and comprehensive know-how is leading the way in processing one of the world’s most important and versatile foods.

为了满足日益增长的人口对牛奶和奶制品逐渐增加的食欲,乳品加工在全球范围内迅速升温。凭借多年的经验和全面的专业技术,Sharecold 在制冷这个全世界最重要最多样化的食品上独占鳌头。


Expertise on a worldwide scale?全国范围的专业知识

Sharecold excels in building the large-scale facilities that the dairy processing industry needs to satisfy demand for its products, keep on top of new trends and remain competitive.

Sharecold 在打造乳品行业所需的大型设施上一枝独秀,可满足该行业的各种产品需求,引领新趋势并保持竞争力。


Our expertise covers project management, plant installation, commissioning and after sales service.? All Sharecold dairy refrigeration technology is designed and engineered to meet strict hygiene, food safety and quality standards, while operating efficiently and sustainably.

我们的专业知识覆盖项目管理、设备安装、调试及售后服务。所有的 Sharecold 乳品制冷技术都设计和开发为可满足严格的卫生、食品安全和质量标准,同时可高效且可持续地运转。